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We will be engaging in sacred healing work involving:

  • Your unique healing progress and visioning

  • Ancestral connection and technology

  • Engaging in ritual and ceremony - intentions, manifestations, safety and boundaries

  • Plant medicinal and spiritual properties

  • Animal spirit guidance and wisdom

  • Living by the lunar and solar cycles

  • Blending the various elements of water, air, earth and fire

  • Creating a sacred home space

  • Engaging with ecosystems and the land

  • Sustaining our healing practice

This is for you if:

  • You identify as BIPOC and are interested in learning more about traditional healing modalities

  • You want to work on healing present-day and intergenerational trauma

  • You love nature

  • You are spiritual and are interested in connecting with your ancestors

  • You are looking to befriend fears and step into your unique medicines

  • You serve your communities and need support to sustain your practice

  • You are just beginning to learn about your role as healer in your communities

  • You believe in liberation and want to know how we can get there

What’s included:

  • Weekly LIVE video calls to support your learning, provide accountability and support healing progress

  • Access to live call recordings

  • Additional LUYA Healing Collective space to build, support and heal with community (alumni and enrolled folks)

  • Meditation, audio teachings and e-workbook and more to support learning!

More details to come in the new year! Stay tuned!

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