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Our pleasure centers are also the source of creation of ideas/projects/art.  When we have been impacted by sexual traumas or patriarchal/white supremacist/capitalistic society norms, these can create blockages for us.  These can be present-day or generational.

We will begin to explore how we think about, embody and practice love with all our relations so that we are creating systems of sustainability.

Many of us have been impacted by the harms of sexual traumas and thus learning a toxic definition of love or having blockages to intimacy to Self, Spirit, Nature, Lover (s), Partner(s), Siblings, family, community.

The first step in healing is to recognize the time when our body homes no longer became safe from others' projections of violence upon us.  Next step, create an internal home that allows parts of you to return.  Engage with #Rose medicine allies to heal the heart.

We will also engage in sacred ceremony, learn herbs for self-love and self-pleasure practices that will enhance your ability to center yourself and transform your relationship with Self/others.

Friday, Feb. 25 |  7p - 8:30p ET 
Heart Healing Medicine
Saturday, Feb. 26 | 5p - 6:30p ET
Sacred Sexuality & Herbs 
*All sessions are on Zoom

To register, fill out form below!

$44-111 Energy Exchange includes recording and Pleasure Kit gift!  
(*Candle/Massage Oil/or Energetic Cleanse Spray and Love E-Workbook)

*Sliding scale $44-111 is set to put balance on the income scale for those of various income levels

and also to support our sacred work in an expansive way.

Space limited. No refunds.

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Meet your facilitator:

This workshop will be led by Shamanic Practitioner, Herbalist, and Spiritual Life Coach, Princess Manuel, LMSW (she/they). She is the Founder of LUYA Healing and Herbs and has worked with individuals and couples to learn a "you-turn" wherein folks turn inward to find solutions to discontent in all relationships. Princess is a survivor of present-day interpersonal and systemic traumas and thus has supported in healing her lineage from sexual violence.  She has also supported individuals to blend elements of nature (plant medicine, animal guides, ancestral technology) to heal holistically from the violence in their lives. 

"As a surivivor of sexual trauma - both present-day and in my lineage, I found myself in toxic patterns of relationships that didn’t serve me.  Whether they were abusive, veering me off my path to my unique gifts or just soul sucking. 

The moment I realized I needed to make the shift has been gradual.  After all, as a complex trauma survivor I’ve been born with inherited colonial generational sexual traumas where women in my line have been taken advantage of and then this passed down to me. I’ve had to learn hard lessons from being incarcerated defending myself, getting restraining orders from a stalker and having to seek so many various forms of healing to address emotional abuse from an ex-partner. I have had to do the shadow work of uncovering ways that those acts of violence have blocked my way of intimacy with myself and all my relations and kept me stuck in jobs I despised all because I never learned to center myself and my own pleasure. In community organizing against patriarchy, white supremacy and imperialism, I found the ways that society’s expectations have added to the layers of violence upon my Spirit. In the healing and doing shadow work and womb healing work - I’ve become more aware of who I truly am.  What my unique powers are as a shamanic practitioner, herbalist and spiritual life coach. Walking with plant allies like Ginger or animal guides like the Black Panther, I have learned to be in my power as the Founder of LUYA Healing and Herbs! I want to share with you all the healing I’ve learned so that you too can step into your power and together balance and heal Mother Earth, our lineages, oursSelves and our families." - Princess Manuel, LMSW

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