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Luya Healing has transformed my life by reminding me to honor, nourish, love, and manifest those healing queer abolitionist dreams of liberatory community and ancestral love through moving with authenticity, discipline, and intentionality. I’ve been able to literally talk and see my honorable ancestors through visioning. From those visions, I am able to manifest, grow, and put into action certain seeds that align with my healing journey such as moving towards a youth abolitionists program and working with my all time abolitionist inspiration, connect with herbalism through community garden, farming, and food justice grassroots organizing, and cultivate so many loving interconnected queer platonic intimate connections through a poly and relationship anarchist lens. Even with the barriers of oppressive systems, ideologies, or people complicit/upholding them, I am proud that I do not let these tonics project and consume my being. Rather, I breathe, ground, reflect, release the fears, and fulfill myself with the support of my community/comrades/honorable ancestors and the courageous spirit within me. This program has taught me to honor my connections to the land with walking and learning with plant and animal allies such as roses, rosemary, lavender, mullein, aloe, hawk, robin, blue jay, sparrow, mourning dove, black squirrel, butterfly, and duck spirit. I embrace and love the land, and engage in a reciprocal relationship with the elements and beings through my rituals and offerings. I always felt so much safety, consent, joy, goofiness, playfulness, accountability, grace, compassion, and support every time I entered the space in whatever capacity. And this feeling really made me reflect and act upon how I wanted to convey that within my own being, connection to honorable ancestors, community, students, and relationships.

Bri/Bri Bri/Briana (they/he/she)

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I have learned so much from Princess over the past several weeks about working with the elements, animals, plants, and other Earth allies for my spiritual and overall wellbeing. I am looking forward to incorporating more of these intentional rituals and practices to ground myself and feel more connected to Spirit, myself, and my community.

Rochelle S. (she/her)

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I was able to very clearly for the first time hear my ancestors <3

Claudia (she/her)


Being a part of this program was a step in my journey that opened my eyes to areas that had wished for nourishment and understanding. It has supported me in moments of transition, giving myself the openness and expansiveness to question and feel for myself how I wanted to move forward. I've decided to keep moving forward with a plant medicine journey that I have waited 3 years to participate in. Plant medicine came forward in my time in this program and it's something I feel is important to continue leaning into.

Abigaelle M. (she/her)

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