My name is Princess Manuel and I created LUYA Healing and Herbs in February 2020.  Luya, in Tagalog, means ginger.  A root common in many diasporic cultures to cure a multitude of ailments.  Powerful with the energy of fire.  Healing communities, individuals and sustaining generations.  Luya is my plant ancestor that has been passed down through our meals.  It was my first plant ally in my lifelong journey as an herbalist.  

In my practice as an herbalist, I am intimately involved in plants.  I learn its energetic qualities, among many other properties that help me determine what is right for each unique individual.  I continue to practice facilitating healing circles in my collective spaces, which I found to be necessary for community healing. 

As a young child, I found joy in visiting the gardens of my family, listening to stories from family on ways to heal using herbs they grew right in their backyard.  I come for a long lineage of farmers, warriors and original stewards of the land in the Philippines.  

I found myself in spaces trying to figure out ways to heal myself, family and community as a community organizer, social justice worker and eventually a mental health clinician in NYC.  I returned back to plant medicine upon my own healing from generational traumas, touching the body of the Earth and planting seeds of new life with Soul Fire Farm in Upstate NY. 

In search of my craft and gift, I constantly asked spirit/ancestors for support.  Healers and herbalists have met me in my journey to guide me along.  In early 2020 I was guided to an Ipat Ceremony in my ancestral land of the Philippines.  There I was given further guidance to share my practice of herbal medicine and community healing. I look forward to sharing these wisdoms with you!