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Blending elements of nature to heal body, mind and spirit.

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Embracing Our Roots: Healing Across Generations

In this spiritual life coaching program, we embody healing work incorporating plant medicines, ancestral technology such as ritual and vision journeying, somatic practices, animal spirit guides, living by the lunar and solar cycles, blending the various elements and so much more! 


This is an intimate space for women, femmes and non-binary folks navigating present-day and generational/historical trauma, anxiety, depression and other dis-eases.  


This space is held by Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach and Herbalist, Princess Manuel (she/they) who has supported folks in navigating shadow work and finding joy amidst the historical, socio-economic and political impacts on communities. 

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IMG_9461 - Claudia Lara.jpeg

I've been very heavy in my head these last view days, and the state of the world has also felt so heavy! I was able to very clearly for the first time hear my ancestors.

Claudia L. (she/her)

ECFA6266-7831-42E4-A2A1-963F5DA93EDE_1_102_a - Rochelle Sugawa.jpeg

I have learned so much from Princess over the past several weeks about working with the elements, animals, plants, and other Earth allies for my spiritual and overall wellbeing. I am looking forward to incorporating more of these intentional rituals and practices to ground myself and feel more connected to Spirit, myself, and my community.

Rochelle S. (she/her)

photo1644944239 (1) - Brian Ruiz.jpeg

This program has elevated my thoughts on ancestral connections by understanding how I want to engage with living and past ancestors by doing ritual practices that have been passed down, and incorporating storytelling to honor their experiences and foster healthier boundaries. I’ve done this through co-developing oral histories with relatives and honorable ancestors discussing their ancestral rituals, freedom fighter struggles, and herbalism from Quisqueya. This has allowed me to trust and love these ancestral connections by re-thinking about community and self accountability, being present with individuals, showing compassion and gentleness towards my shadow self, and knowing the stories of resistance and healing that will be passed onto future generations in my lineage and community.

Bri R. (they/elle)



Book us for podcasts, workshops, panel discussions, keynotes, conferences to spread awareness on healing present-day and intergenerational trauma, healing with plant medicine, support with animal guiding spirits and ancestral connection.

Image by Tia

Braiding Sweetgrass - Robin Wall Kimmerer

"Gifts from the earth or from each other establish a particular relationship, an obligation of sorts to give, to receive, and to reciprocate."

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